Chapter 14. Advanced & less common queueing disciplines

Should you find that you have needs not addressed by the queues mentioned earlier, the kernel contains some other more specialized queues mentioned here.

14.1. bfifo/pfifo

These classless queues are even simpler than pfifo_fast in that they lack the internal bands - all traffic is really equal. They have one important benefit though, they have some statistics. So even if you don't need shaping or prioritizing, you can use this qdisc to determine the backlog on your interface.

pfifo has a length measured in packets, bfifo in bytes.

14.1.1. Parameters & usage


Specifies the length of the queue. Measured in bytes for bfifo, in packets for pfifo. Defaults to the interface txqueuelen (see pfifo_fast chapter) packets long or txqueuelen*mtu bytes for bfifo.