7.5. IPSEC interoperation with other systems

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7.5.1. Windows

Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de> reports: "win2k: it works. pre_shared key with ip address for authentication (I don't think windows supports fqdn or userfqdn strings). Certificates should also work, didn't try.".

7.5.2. Check Point VPN-1 NG

Peter Bieringer reports:

Here are some results (tunnel mode only tested, auth=SHA1):

DES:     ok 
3DES:    ok 
AES-128: ok 
AES-192: not supported by CP VPN-1
AES-256: ok 
CAST* :  not supported by used Linux kernel

Tested version: FP4 aka R54 aka w/AI

More information here.