LARTC Mailing List

It appears that the topic of our HOWTO is getting popular, so we decided to start a mailinglist dedicated to discussions about advanced routing & shaping with Linux!

The advent of the Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control list also means that questions asked privately will no longer be answered, as these answers benefit only single users. Asking questions on the list is far more net-friendly. So if you want to ask us a question, subscribe to the new mailing list, and ask it! An archive of the new mailing list is available. An archive of the old mailing list is also available, and google has picked it up as well.

Please note that due to excessive spam the list has become 'members only' - so please subscribe first! The moderator will not approve postings from non-subscribed addresses as he is not available at all times. If you just want to post, and not receive mail, you can indicate this on the Mailman mailing list management page. FIXME: Is the new mailing list subscriber-only as well?

Mailing List: (the only place to send questions!)
Archive of the new mailing list:
Archive of the old mailing list:
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