January 2014 has been redesigned to include these changes:

  • Substantially the same text with minor reorganization and editorial changes
  • New ePub format for the HOWTO
  • Ported to use Bootstrap3 CSS for a modern look
  • Incorporates the man8 pages from Ubuntu 13.10, including several new ones: tc-codel, tc-fq_codel, tc-choke, tc-drr, tc-dsmark, tc-hfsc, tc-sfb, tc-stab, and others
  • Updated Wondershaper page to mention traffic shaping techniques of newer Linux kernels, and how the original shaper is outdated
  • The HOWTO has *not* been updated to reflect these newer technologies, nor do these pages include any updates that may have been submitted from the LARTC community or mailing list
2012-05-20 is now reachable via IPv6!

2012-05-19 has a new maintainer! Bert Hubert has transferred ownership of the domain to Carl-Daniel Hailfinger. A big THANK YOU goes to Bert Hubert for starting and hosting and the associated mailing list for many years. He has also offered to continue hosting the old mailing list archives at

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